These players need banning

The recent round we played in lockers, where multiple people were calling hacks on:

You opted to do nothing, but these guys WERE hacking. Looking at stats on some website doesn't always show you a hacker with red flags everywhere, sometimes they just get a new hack and use it with old stats. The most reliable method is by listening to your players complaints.

This battle report will also confirm what i'm saying. Both these hackers are in the awards for AIM KING and MOST HEADSHOTS. Vietsniper specifically trolled me for 2 rounds and knew exactly where I was even when I was hiding. If you DON"T ban these guys, you get rage quits that are worse. Look at the battle report again, you'll see on my team 5 players rage quit. Ask yourself, wouldn't it make more sense to ban 2 than lose 5?

Not taking action, does not generate repeat business. By ignoring multiple requests to ban these players, i've not only rage quit but unfavved your server. And I was a fair player with a 1:1 type KD ratio. Look at the hackers KD ratio. Please think about this because I took the time to write you all about it to help make your server more popular. Thank you.


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For one thing I do not do what you say or suggest about banning people.
I was in the middle of checking players out when you kept whining about hackers.
I have been around and running servers since they became available (BF2 Days)
I know most gamers and I know NSG very well and who use to hack there saying that Vietsniper I know as I play with him a lot
Ninja on the other hand yes I agree and was as I said before in the middle of checking people and I checked you as I do with most
gamers when they come into my server.
Ninja has a KD of nearly 3 and I know competition gamers that do better than that
So here's my philosophy.
1. Myself and my admins run the server.
2. We check players constantly even like Ninja when he comes up clean and if we think he is hacking he gets banned
same as any gamer.
3. If gamers say kick the hackers or I'm gone great leave.
4. I do not BAN players for the mere fact others think they are hacking.
5. Anyone being Perm. or Temp. Banned are all checked for hacking
6. If anyone complains about someone hacking they will need proof of that person hacking
e.g. screen shots, video's, date, approx. time, server and map. as we have all the chat and event logs on all players
The list goes on so if you accuse someone of hacking give proof, If its blatant such as Ninja tell and admin, if you expect an admin to ban a player
immediately at your word and isn't done immediately and threaten to leave then LEAVE and don't come back we
do not put up with whiners.
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