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Thanks to Vegiemite for the leading information to the below information.

Looks like Dice have finally listened to the community about Rental Servers for BF5 (BFV).
Dice have announced that they are releasing RSP (Rental Server Program) around Aug. Sept. 2019)
this is great news as per below & attachment is a list of settings that can be made and more to become available later.

The base server will be free but depends on how deep you want to drill into the settings.
If no one is on the server it closes down, but the settings will be saved on your local pc.
The servers will also be reachable via web a browser.

So seems the community is happy with this and means that most clans will be getting back
together and playing as clans again, competitions will probably be a lot more active, which
will be great for the Battlefield community.

I for one will be setting up a comp/scrim site as now there's something to work towards.
We are always open to suggestions and help from anyone interested in becoming involved would be appreciated.

BF5 Server settings.jpg

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